War Is Good

In the book Die Dollar Die, Jeffrey Choi states that ‘War is good’.

When war begins, we will need weapons, my factories will run night and day, making me the richest man in China. So you see, War is good.

His reasoning is simplistic and purely selfish, but it does encapsulate a fundamental problem in the policing of commerce, to prevent inherent avarice from encouraging or aiding the onset of war?

He also goes on to make the point, about the West,

‘Your country has lived the good life too long. Now you are in debt, your wages too high, can not afford to employ your people, who no longer make anything. Your rich refuse to pay tax, your politicians weak, your companies bankrupt. The world of work belongs to China.

But in war, your rights & freedoms, your social safety net, your free schools and hospitals that have killed your economy will be wiped away. When you have nothing left, China will rebuild you, employ you, Caucasians are good workers, you will make products for us to buy. 

This alarmist view, is a cultural inversion, designed to point out the iniquities of an imbalanced world, where money and wealth determine lifestyle. From the Westerner point of view, it is not altogether palatable. But it strikes at the heart of where and why such power is wielded: to maintain an uneven playing field upon which one side may exploit the other. It also provides an explanation as to why peaceful and otherwise moral societies can be guilt of endorsing or turning a blind eye to the instigation of war or atrocity.

War is Good. [Jeffrey Choi]

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