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For comments and feedback on Die Dollar Die.


4 thoughts on “Reader Comments

  1. Did not want to put this down. Pace, excitement, involvement. Where is it going? Sex and violence! Thought this was my sort of book as the businessman overseas and my interest in other cultures. Then it seemed to move away from me as it entered a sort of James Bond stage. It became a little unbelievable at times ……. or did it? could it be really like that?

  2. Great to see Twinkie Ho leading the popular character stakes! Seems to capture some of the mysteries of the Chinese character, as does Jeffrey Choi. Can’t wait for the sequel!

  3. Agree with Geoff’s comments.Excellently written and gathers a good thrillers pace ,particularly in the first half. I’d been really keen to see Edition 2 of this book released which might hone some of the ideas more clearly. I’m sure I’ve met Jeffrey Choi before!

  4. Really enjoyed DDD. Idiosyncratic, picaresque, a romp. Don Quixote meets Spike Milligan in the world of high finance.

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